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    Hey everyone.

    I've been given what I think is a good price on a Ruger American in 308.

    It's going to be used for pigs and other ferals of course.

    I'm wondering if anyone has one. If so what do you think of it?
    What has been the better grain used?
    And how far have you taken it out to?

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S. I searched but it only came up with the Ruger Scout unless I didn't search it right

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    I'm looking to purchase my first centrefire and held one of these the other day. VERY well priced IMO. The LGS did say the stock was a little thin for their liking which I noticed when holding the Tikka. I've heard the barrel heats up quickly so groups spread after 5 shots in rapid succession. At the end of the day it's going to be pretty rare I'd want to put through that many rounds that quickly. It's light so would be easy to carry around and had a fair recoil pad on the end of the stock so recoil should be less of an issue. The bolt felt great.

    It's certainly on my list being on a tight budget, though I'm yet to hold a Howa. I'll be interested to see what replies you get.


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      All help is appreciated. As I'm on a disability pension due to becoming a T7 incomplete paraplegic just over 2 years ago. And I'm wanting to get back into my hunting and general shooting here but don't have the best funds right now

      I have been offered the said rifle in .308 with 3-9x40 scope and gun bag for $545.

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    its a budget take out a few times a year kinda of rifle for around the same price your better of getting a howa


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      Hpgs have the fluted howa in 30-06 in a package with a scope bag and knife for $560. Get something for the recoil if needed.