Thoughts on M77 AllWeather .222

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  • Thoughts on M77 AllWeather .222

    Good and the bad please, My Model 70 is past its used by date .
    Don't know much about Rugers apart from being CRF.
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    ruger's are a good, strong, reliable firearm.
    most of them shoot good. not benchrest good, but still good.
    they feed rounds well & last a long time.
    222's are great for small ferals (rabbits, cats, foxes, dingo's etc, even a smallish pig or goat when close enough).
    do you have a particular model in mind.


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      My mates m77 in 6.5 creedmore shoots realy well ( My only dislike ) was the working of the bolt ( felt a bit grindie and a bit sloppy ) the mag didnt like feeding the creedmore ( when bullets were seated just off the lands ) sometimes it would skip over the round ( this was fixed using 3 rounds instead of 4 in the mag )

      The stock is nice and solid, the barrel big and fat with a slight taper. I like it ( would I own one ) sure I would. My only major gripe was the bolt wasn't in my view finished. But boy she can shoot