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  • Cleaning behind quad rail

    I'm thinking of getting the XLR Evolution stock on my next project and I'm wondering how other people go about cleaning the outside of the barrel that's behind the quad rail?
    Is it just a matter of elbow grease and getting in there with a tooth brush and a heap of patience or something as simple as compressed air and then a spray with some sort of rust preventative?
    Lot of guys in the States seem to not even bother but given the environments I'm often in, it's gonna get dusty and dirty..
    Any advice appreciated
    Cheers in advance

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    I think you can unbolt the forend tube and slip it off .


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      Yeah you can unbolt the front part of the chassis.

      My mdt tac21 is similar and when I want to clean the outside of the entire barrel I just undo 3 screws and the front section of the chassis comes off. But I only do that every so often or if it gets wet etc. Just use a good rust preventative like lanolin spray and you shouldn't need to take it apart that often .


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        I just slip a lightly oil coated rag down around the barrel, works for me.