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    hi, guys

    It is time for a new rifle and i like the look of the weihrauch HW 66 Production in 22 hornet.

    i know weihrauch air rifles are quite popular but i havent met anyone with a weihrauch powder burner. I had a play with one in 22LR in a gunshop a few months ago and was quite impressed.

    so my question is does anyone have one particulary in 22 hornet. And i would love some opinions on these rifles.


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    have one in .22 and love it the trigger is fantastic. The rifle took a good 500 rounds to real start shooting great groups. But now i will take it out over any of my rifles


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      Don't have the 66 but I do have the 60J in 17HMR. I really do like it and its proven to be very accurate across many brands and bullet types..so all good there, also a great build quality.
      I have the match trigger and I find it difficult for me in a hunting situation as there is so much creep, there is adjustment for creep and weight, but the creep is the problem.

      All good if your on a target but if your on a rabbit, cat or foxes head I find it difficult as my other rifles are set with low weight and zero creep and I've always been used to that. I'm practising with dead cases as I'm not sure if I can change the trigger or not. At this stage I'll be patient, keep up the practice and see how it goes. The set trigger may have been the better choice as I'm 80% hunting at this stage. Took it away a few weeks back, I didn't miss many, would have been better though I think with a different trigger.
      They are a high quality firearm, you can be assure of that.

      Love the set trigger on the Steyr's..push forward and then its a beez fart and its away.


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        I am not an owner but I also considered the weirauch in 22 hornet.
        I read somewhere (sorry to be vague but I cant remember, I think it was a UK forum) that the mag is fairly short and seating any BT projectiles might be problematic. ie have to seat them too far into the case to fit in the mag.
        As I am a reloader and love the 40gn BT proj's for the hornet, that bit of info turned me off. But to each there own and if you wanted to shoot 35's or 30's there should be no problem.
        I had the trouble of having to seat the proj's too deeply in my Brno 22 hornet which was the reason I sold it.
        I didnt want a repeat on a brand new gun & I wasnt going to take a $1300 or thereabouts gamble.
        The LGS wasnt going to order one in just so I could take a look.....
        I ended up ordering a savage lightweight varminter in 22 hornet. I had a close look at the varminter in 17 hornet.
        Some plastic bits - but hey my tikka has plastic bits and its a great shooter.

        I would be interested in any owners opinions of the Weihrauch in 22 hornet as well.

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      Its actually Alcock & Pierce.

      I had a look at the on-line 2013 catalogue and unless I'm reading it wrong it seems that the HW66 is only listed as a 22 rimfire.

      To me it looks like the HW60J is the one being offered in centrefire calibres as well. I paid $1080 for mine which is great value for the quality, but I guess you will be looking elsewhere now.

      In case you need to clarify here's there number...03 9738 2401..hope that's a help.


      • zippo
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        That is a great price for the HW60J.
        When I was looking at the Weihrauch LGS quoted $1250-$1300.

        off this topic but an update on the Savage - its at the LGS waiting for appropriate rego numbers.
        Pick up Friday. Probably wont get to have a shot this weekend though. Will report here with any issues and accuracy and overall thoughts.
        I will start a new thread so I dont get on the wrong side of the mods.

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      You guys are both aware that CZ chamber for the hornet aren't you??..527 classic and the very nice looking Lux..also 222 and 223.

      Had a Brno Fox years ago in 22 hornet...set trigger, it was a nice rifle. Had no problems reloading but not with the proj your talking about...might be worth a look.


      • zippo
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        Yeah I owned a Brno Fox II in 22 Hornet.
        It was a rebarrel in a heavy barrel. Accurate. But had to seat the 40gn's deep in that shell to fit in the mag.
        Wouldnt shoot the lighter proj's or the 40gn SP/HP's. Dont know if it had anything to do with the barrel twist. The barrel came from
        a .22/250. Didnt investigate too deeply when I could put 5 shots into less than an inch at 105 metres even though they were seated deep. Just went with what I found worked.

        update on the savage - no rego number Friday afternoon when I went to collect. So its this week when I get time.

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      go the HW60J ,you would be hard pressed to find better quality for the money,and to get a trigger that good youd be looking at extra $ if you buy something else. Then have some fun finding your prefered load. I have the HW66 production in 22 and at first I wasnt that impressed with how it shot but it kept getting better and better the more I used it. I have other 22 rifles and centrefires with trigger jobs,yet every time I take the Virak out after something else it makes me realise how damn good it is.
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