My Barnard 308 in a GRS stock

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  • My Barnard 308 in a GRS stock

    Hi guys . I have been shooting F-class when I get a chance (which is not vey often) since about June last year at the Raglan Target Sports club in Central Queensland. I have been using my Howa 308 which has preformed very well from 300m out to 900m for a $580 gun but ive always wanted to have a custom rifle so I bought the Barnard Model P / Trueflite barrel of another club member (it had 60 shots through it previously) .I got the Barnard bedding block from QRA store. I then ordered the Un inletted GRS stock from Andrew at Pioneer Shooting . I then sent all the parts down to Rob from Sunshine Coast Gunsmithing to have it inletted . Got the rifle back about 3 weeks ago and i fitted my Vortex Viper PST 6 - 24 x 50 I stole of my Howa (new scope to come later on) and i loaded up some rounds of 2206h powder, 155gr HBC projectiles Winchester brass (waiting on lapua brass) and hit the range. Best group so far is .37 MOA at 100m for 3 shots.
    Click image for larger version

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    oooOOOooo (whistles)
    looks pretty schmick.

    yep, looks the part.


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      looks nice is that barrel 28"


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        30" Trueflight Palma 1in 12 twist.

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      Thats hot



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      Great lookign rifle. I have a GRS F Class stock here for a Rem 700 LA, i ordered the stock but ended up selling the rifle before it got here. Keen to see how it feels off a rest but that has to wait until i get a LA rifle to stock in it.


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        very nice rifle , where is pioneer ?my rifle needs a update :P


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          Hi mate I delt with Andrew .I bought the stock and a RCBS Chargemaster of him .

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        That's one very nice looking rifle.
        I have a rifle that looks very similar but doesn't have the pedigree of the Barnard.


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          Love the GRS, they are head turners.