TrackingPoint rifles: you've got to see it to believe it!

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  • TrackingPoint rifles: you've got to see it to believe it!

    G'day all,
    I just thought I'd put up a video that I found today about Tracking point rifles. I can't remember anyone on here or on the old forum bringing them up, but I reckon it's a pretty interesting topic that some of you will be pretty keen to learn more about!

    For those of you who haven't heard about em, they're like a burris eliminator on heat, the whole rifle is wired up to the scope which calculates absolutely everything. The gun will only fire when it's perfectly aligned with the target.
    For me, I don't know if I'd ever consider one because I'd rather know that I've done the calculation and got it worked out, but these things do it pretty damn fast.
    I've seen some on gunbroker already between $20 and $30k.... not cheap.

    Hope you're all well and that you get something out of this!

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    I was lucky enough to use one of these that a customer of mine owns. To me it's the sort of design that someone with no or little shooting experience is going to do better with. As someone who's done a lot of shooting I found it awkward to use.
    The tagging part is easy (there's a button on the trigger guard), but holding the trigger and trying to move onto the tracking point was not easy for me and against my instincts. The filming the shooting thing was sort of neat. Don't get me wrong, the system works's and is pretty impressive, it's just not for me.
    The one thing they still can't factor and the thing I've always had the most trouble with is wind. That's still up to the shooter to figure out.


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      I definitely agree with you there mate, I don't think I could deal with squeezing the trigger and then waiting for it to fire!
      I just thought it was a phenomenal piece of technology and for some reason, I reckon that's what we'll be seeing more of in the future!
      Yeah, if they can it to factor in wind it'll be unstoppable....until the batteries go flat

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    truly interesting tech but 20K for the basic model ill pass

    however give it another 15-20 years an every one will have one