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    okay just for fun lets define terms a little bit. What do you mean when you say "GO TO" rifle. For me this implies a number of things.

    1. absolutely reliable. This gun must fire every single time you pull the trigger no questions. it must not fire when the safety is engaged period.
    2. you must be able to hit a pie plate at 100m first time every time under any conditions. (fog, rain, broken arm, etc.) again no questions.
    This means not only must the rifle be accurate but you must be accurate with the rifle. If its totally reliable and you friend shoots perfect shot groups with it, but you cant hit the broad side of a barn with it. This is not your Go to rifle.
    3. some people believe that common ammunition source should be mentioned here even going so far as to suggest (quite pointedly) there are only 5 rifle rounds.
    .22 .223 .308 and the other 2 are to big for common people to own due to monetary concerns even if you could get the permit. I don't think this rule is as firm here in Australia given the level of reloading that goes on.

    This means that a go to rifle will not necessarily be your favorite rifle. I loved to shoot my Saiga shot gun and my H&K G3 91 but these rifles do not fit the above definition by a long way. Saiga 12 G was not 100% reliable due to the strange feeding mechanism which takes some juggling to reload. The H&K G3 91 or 93 require new springs every 1000 rounds or so and you never really know for sure when you are going to reach that point until you get there and hear click when you want to hear bang. even though both are one big sticken good time when out and about. (deer don't like Saiga)

    So opinions, suggestions, better definitions or stipulations necessary for a go to rifle.

    what do you mean when you say "my go to rifle"?
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    Already done.

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      'Go to rifle' for me means the rifle you pick up when you absolutely have to drop an animal. I have rifles that will hit a pie plate offhand at 100m nearly every time, are absolutely reliable etc (eg marlin 357 1894c, Remington ltr 223, cz 453, Winchester 9422) but they wouldn't be my go to rifles due to range limitations. they're also limited in the angle at which you can shoot game.

      It would have to be a mid range cartridge that's effective at both short and medium range (out to 600m) - for me the only rifle I have that fits the description is a tikka varmint 7mm08 (20inch barrel) with a March 3-24x42