Thumb hole stock, standard stock whats the diff?

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  • Thumb hole stock, standard stock whats the diff?

    Beside most thumb hole stocks looking great, what is the main difference between a standard stock and a thumb hole?

    Is it cosmetic or is there an accuracy improvement?

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    Different ergonomics its just personal preference really


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      To me they just feel more natural to hold and use, it's that fits like a glove type feel sort of thing, as to whether they are more accurate, not sure if it makes a difference at all in that department, I shoot well with or without a Thumbhole stock so I'd say it doesn't make much if at all any difference there.

      The wife loves using the Thumbholes too and wants one for her Ruger M77 Mk2. Me I'd have all my stocks as thumbholes if I could!
      Whacking Varmints is my passion!


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        I have two rifles with thumbhole stocks. I find them more comfortable and versatile than conventionals. I reckon thumbholes, in Australia, are a claytons pistol-grip. The pistol grip you have when you aren't allowed a pistol-grip.


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          You'll find that quick follow up shots take longer as you have to get your thumb into the hole. They allow you to line your trigger finger up better to the trigger (Trigger finger pull inline with trigger travel ) and give you better trigger control. Same idea as the fclass style stocks, and pistol grips stocks.


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            I have a thumbhole cz 455, and I love it, however, I have found I shoot the best deliberate groups without my thumb in the hole.....I use the hole for all off hand shooting...maybe my mind, maybe my hand but I know a couple of very serious guys that shoot with their thumb on the same side of the stock as the remaining digits....maybe it is explained by the bottom three fingers are exerting a force to put the rifle in my shoulder and without the thumb in there, less counteracting tension is either felt of precieved