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    First off id like to send a BIG BIG thank you to Danny from delta tactical for helping me a quire this amazing rifle, Thanks Danny for everything mate, id like to say Danny was nicest most honest , professional person i have delt with in a long time, he went above and beyond the call of duty in this transaction, we spent many emails and phone conversations, he always took the time to answer any questions i had and made me feel assured that everything was going well, especially when dealing with such a high value transaction, and to top it off Danny personally drove the rifle up from victoria to deliver it to me at my dealer in sydney, hows that for customer service, once again thanks heaps mate much appreciated. Ifs there is anything i can do for you you know where to contact me.

    The rifle is a Tac Ops delta51 chambered in 308w, these rifles come from Tactical Operations Beverly Hills California, built by Mike Rescigno and his team.
    The core of the Tac Ops rifles is the Remington 700 action. Every aspect of the action is trued or "blueprinted" to precise Tac Ops standards, which is considerably more than the typical squaring of all the surfaces. From the recoil lug and action face, threads, bolt face, locking lugs, even the bolt body, everything is lined up precisely, and then faced for squareness, parallelism and concentricity. At all times they try to hold their tolerances to .0001”.

    Tac Ops delta51 barrel come from Krieger this one is chrome moly but they are made to a specific proprietary spec provided by Tac Ops the chamber is cut at Tac ops for federal Gold Medal Match and headspaced to .001" . They also use their own precision ground recoil lugs and their own crown design with thread protector. The complete action and Barrel are cryogenically treated to relieve stress.
    The barreled action is bedded into the stock using a traditional aluminum pillar glass bedding procedure with a free floated barrel channel.

    The stock on the Delta 51 is the McMillan A3 stock which has adjustable cheek weld, length of pull and cant, The bottom metal is Tac ops own design and stock is fitted with anchutz rail with sling studs and atlas bipod mount. Again, paying extreme attention to fit and finish, Tac Ops takes the standard McMillan stock and refinishes it with their own application of a rough texture for all weather gripping and then a durable epoxy paint.

    The trigger is the old style factory Remington set at 2.5 lbs. Its very crisp and breaks cleanly and without any creep.

    The rifle is incredibley well-balanced. All metal work is finished in Birdsong BlackT and Green T, its a special finish that was developed by Walter Birdsong and is a finish that all other rifle finishes are judged by, here is a good review of the rifle finish: http://www.snipercen...om/birdsong.htm

    Someone once called Mike Rescigno of Tactical Operations, Inc. the “Hattori Hanzo of rifle builders”. With this extreme attention to detail, I would have to agree!

    If you want an extremely accurate rifle with a very high level of attention to the details, then any Tac Ops should be considered. Words alone cannot adequately describe the quality of these rifles. They must be handled and shot to truly appreciate their capabilities.

    The tac Ops rifles are used by over 600 agencies world wide, including the alphabet agencies of the USA, and many law enforcement snipers, these are pure sniper rifles capable of delivering surgical precision in the hands of a skilled shooter. All the tac ops rifles are guaranteed to shoot better than 1/4 MOA @ 100m with Federal Gold medal match ammunition.

    This rifle came with a test target of 0.099 but sorry Mike i beat it mate, best groups so far are as low as 0.022 shot twice in a row, at 100m with FGMM 168gr.

    If anybody would like to purchase one of these masterpieces i recommend you contact Danny @ delta Tactical, they are the sole Australian distributor of Tac Ops rifles in Australia, Danny has all the import permits in order to bring these into the country, Danny also has first hand experience and has traveled to meet Mike and his team in the USA to see how these babies are made. Once again Big thank you Danny.

    tac Ops website can be found here:

    Specs: Tac Ops delta 51
    Caliber: .308w
    Action: Remington M700, Accurized and blue-printed to Tac Ops specs
    Weight: 7kg with Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 FFP M5 & atlas bipod.
    Barrel: Tac Ops 21” with 1 in 10” twist, Match Grade proprietary chrome moly Krieger, threaded with a Class 3A thread for sound suppressor & Cryogenically treated.
    Chamber: Match spec reamed with .001 head space
    Stock: McMillan A3
    Base: Tac Ops 2 piece 34 moa piece base in Black-T
    Trigger & Pull: Remington factory trigger with 2.5 lb pull
    Metal Finish: Birdsong proprietary Green-T and Black-T

    regards Ed

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    Ahhh Memory's


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      lonewolf commented
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      you know Skip ive owned and shot a hell of alot of rifles in my time, but this one was spooky accurate, its the most accurate 308w rifle ive ever owned and shot in my life.

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    That rifle certainly looks the goods, one day I hope to have a super accurate long range rig. A lot to learn and in the meantime ill keep practicing with my homebrand Howa, it shoots better than I can at this point in time anyway.
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      Great write up and beautiful rifle

      With out being rude what sort of ball park price would one be looking at when importing such a rifle?



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        lonewolf commented
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        John your probably looking at about $7 to $8 thousand depending on import fees, taxs ext, customs,

        Danny from Delta tactical is the sole distributor for Tac ops Rifles, he has brought more than a few into the country he is the man to speak to and covers all aspects from ordering a rifle with your requirements from Tac ops from delivery to your door.


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      That is a beautiful piece of work. The finish on those rifles is just impeccable, not to mention the way it shoots.
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        Very nice rifle, how do you like the Leupold FFP
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          Surely Ed this can't be true, as we all know Remington actions and triggers could not possibly be responsible for such outstanding accuracy you must be clearly mistaken it must surely have be a sako or tikka action and you have just erred as tacops could not possibly use such inferior parts as those from the Remington factory to produce such an outstanding rifle.


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            not to mention that crappy lupy on top geez it's not even European how could that possibly shoot well, right?


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              Ah the good old days ah Ed, nice Avatar mate, nice indeed!
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                thanks guys,

                brent good to see you here mate hope all well for you, crappy ols remmy and leupold would give anything on the planet a run for its money

                AJF hope things are well for you mate still shooting the old XLR , Ive moved over to shooting full bore , find it challenging , hard, rewarding, iron sights and 308 mate cant go wrong.


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                  Anthonyv commented
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                  Awesome gun no doubt. Couple of questions

                  How does the birdsong coating compare to cerakote?

                  Also I realize the gun would be accurate with anything because its so well made but what if federal stops making their gold match ammo the same?

                  Cheers. Anthony

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                There are a few more of these in Australia now.

                As soon as I get some good photos and more range reports I will post them.


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                  Just curios... what sort of groups would you expect ( or have got ) at say, 500mts?