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  • Best ammo for remington 7615

    G'day fellas, I've had my Remington 7615 for about 3 years now and it has been a great rifle for me, I have tried a few types of factory ammo over the years and found my pumpy only likes certain types with some having shocking groupings and others amazing ones. I have gotten sub Moa from the 60gr Hornady tap at 100 metres but since its no longer being produced, I want to know others experiences with 7615's and what ammo they have found to be the most accurate.

    so far accurate ammo I have found is:
    Hornday tap 60gr
    Hornady V-max
    Frontier 68grain BTHP (allright but not amazing)
    Federal 55 grain (cannot remember if it was really good or not)

    sako 69grain
    hornady 55 grain steel case

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    So I guess it's a .223

    Not sure what your twist rate is, my understanding is that you need a faster twist for heavier pills.

    My 76 in in .35 so no real help.

    SSAA Q18


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      Had nothing much to do with those rifles but not many rifles don't like the OSA ammo pushing 55gr sierra pills.
      It's also good value and any .223 will shoot the std 55s well.
      The Buff river was my fav with the soft point game kings.


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        Mine loves (sub MOA) the Federal American Eagle AR 50 Gr.
        Liked the Hornady TAP 60 gr too
        Wouldn't shoot the win 55's or the steel case to save itself


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          oh nice will give the federal a go! Cheers!

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        I feed mine whatever I have - it always performs well.