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  • Rail options and scope zero?


    I'm thinking about getting a 7600 in 308 and going a bit tacticool on it. Probably with a Vortex PST 1-4 on it.

    I have a few questions about the various top rail options and how they go with holding zero.

    Things like the Mesa Tactical short rails look like they bolt into the receiver and the high tube adapter, which seems pretty solid.

    The Mesa and Warhammer full length rails, which look great, seem to be attached to the high tube adapter or the trigger pins and then a barrel clamp.

    How does this arrangement go holding zero, especially since the clamp is designed for a 12g, not a 308? Does it clamp solidly enough? Or does it need a rubber spacer?

    I've also seen this rail on SLH's pump, but I cant find any info on what make / model it is. Looks promising as it attaches to the receiver as well.

    I really like the full length rails, but I don't want to end up with a rail that wanders all over the place after each shot.

    Any thoughts?


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    While, as always, it's personal preferences and "looking tacti-fool" is all the rage, if you're not mounting a A/N-PEQ5, an NVD and a light what does all that extra metal do...?


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      So apart from my questionable taste, any massive issues with the barrel clamp rails?


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        FFS, already multiple posts about how tacticool is dumb and no help at all, awesome.

        The Warhammer rail does not fit on the 7600 barrel, you'll have to either make or buy a spacer.
        A forum member called Seddo made a bunch of nice alloy spacers a while ago, if you end up getting a Warhammer you should hit him up and see if he's still making them. If not, people have used heat-resistant rubber and hoses and various other home-made spacers. Once it is anchored properly on the barrel, it's a strong, solid mount and you shouldn't have any problems with shifting zero. It's heavy though and definitely adds some gravity to your rig.

        The Mesa full length rail would be the same, I've never used one myself but again the clamp is designed for a 12ga barrel and won't work on the 7600 without some sort of spacer. I'm guessing it'll be a solid mount once it's done though, Mesa makes great products. The short rail that comes with the High Tube adapter sits too high for my liking. The receiver of the 7600 is smaller than the 12ga so the rail really sits unusually high, and depending on your optic choice it may be hard to get a decent cheek weld. It's not the worst thing in the world but does look a bit weird.

        The rail on SLH's pump is the Accuracy Systems Free Float Rail which you'll have to import from the US, I'm pretty sure nobody sells them in Australia. They are definitely the best fitting rail system available currently, as they don't require any barrel clamps and don't need to attach to the trigger pins or any of that. My only complaint about that system is that it ends just short of the pump handle, which looks a little strange when the action is closed. Purely cosmetic though.

        On another note, I just bought a Vortex Viper 1-4x24 for my 7615 and it's amazing, definitely recommend.

        Hope that helps mate.
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          Definitely helps,

          Good to know about the spacers for the Warhammer.
          I'd pretty much ruled them out if I needed rubber mounts.

          Will have to look options for low rings. At least the 1-4 or dot scopes don't need much height.