7600 .308 vs .223

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  • 7600 .308 vs .223

    I'm tossing up between getting a .308 or a .223

    i prefer the .308 for more punch but the .223 is going to be cheaper on ammo
    the .223 has less recoil allowing me to get back on target faster
    i have both in bolt guns so i can't get a new cal
    if i ever want to swap out the barrel the .223 only has a small amount of chooses where the .308 has a fair few
    it would be used for pigs, goats, dogs and anything that might come in from of me out at my hunting place

    so what do you guys think

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    Get the .308, covers you for deer as well.
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      Been a pump I would say recoil and re-acquiring target would be the least of your concerns,

      I see the .223 as a useful tool, but the .308 is definitely an all rounder!!

      Reload if ammo is a concern.

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      308. Difference in ammo costs are nothing in a hunting rifle, unless you're going through 100's

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    Go 308. I have 7615 in 223, as well as 7600 in 308 and 30-06.

    If you want the best performance, get the 22 inch barrel version. 16.5 loses a bit in velocity stakes. Dock a 22 inch to 20 as a good compromise.