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  • REMINGTON - Model 12

    Hi there,

    Considering how many hundreds of thousands of these were manufactured over the years, it would be nice to see a few make their way out of the safe and onto this topic.

    Admittedly I only have three of them so far and yes, they all do cycle and work very well, apart for the inherent design flaw Johnny Pederson left in.

    As with any older firearm, please have it looked at by a competent gunsmith before blasting away as many of these little beauties do hide a problem or two.

    Amazingly many parts are still available either repros or new, so there is no reason why this model can't be handed down, the same way as many of you came into possession of this great little bunny exterminator.

    Will be posting pictures and other tid bits of information as this topic grows.

    Needless to say the google god is the place to start in your quest.

    Lot's of luck!

    Blott out.