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  • BLR browning optics

    G'day everyone im after abit of advice about the optics to put on my new blr .243 i mainly want it for pig/goat shooting,i have a vortex sparc reddot & a vortex viper2.5-10x44 ive got the rails&mounts for both. Shots would be no more than 200mtrs if that.thanks

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    pretty hard to go past a reputable 4-12 x 40.
    very versatile size.
    brands e.g. =

    leupold vx1 or vx2 or vx3
    weaver 'classic' or weaver 'grand slam'
    nickon monarch series
    your vortex viper would be ok.

    planty more to choose from, but would need an approx price range.


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      (.308 BLR) I run a VXR 2-7 IR mate.. More than enough for 200m and still low enough on x2 for piggies on the run..
      Will prolly swap to a red dot down the track ..
      I reckon a great scope would be the leupold VX6 1-6 with IR but over 1k..
      All depends what/where your shooting the most I spose..
      I was lucky enough to find a bloke in the LGS who was interested in a good scope for the blr as well and we tried a heap of different scopes in different sizes..
      The problem we found was if you go to big, it really started to throw the balance of the rifle out..
      For example we tried a meopta 2.5-10 I think it was, and it was bloody huge!
      Didn't feel right...
      I use mine a lot walking through thick scrub and across the sorghum, so it's gotta do a little bit of both and be light still..

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    A Redfield 2-7x33 for about $230 bucks would be about perfect. I've got two of the Redfield Revolutions and in my view their optics are every bit as good as a VX1.

    Dunno about the Revenge scopes, haven't used one.