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  • Marlin 1894

    My newest acquisition

    I bought it second hand with less than a box of ammo down the tube for $800, VVG condition.

    Threw a Vortex SPARC from Optics Planet on top of it.

    Sighted it in at 75m with factory Federal 240gr bullets.

    Should go pretty good during the rut this year I reckon!

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    Very nice mate!
    Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.


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      Nice one , It looks a bit delicate with the sight. Let us know how it performs on critters.

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    Thanks guys. Macca I originally had the scope on a longer rail that ran the entire length of the receiver, but it's just as solid now that the rail is cut down. Hopefully I'll be able to find some goats over the weekend.


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      Very nice mate, and you shot yourself a good group with too!........Well done!