30-30 for Service/LA Silhouette - Marlin or Rossi

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  • 30-30 for Service/LA Silhouette - Marlin or Rossi

    Hi guys,

    I want to get a 30-30 for Service Rifle/Lever Action Silhouette/ Single Action Side Matches target shooting. I don't do any hunting.

    My short list is the Marlin 336 or Rossi Rio Grande. I understand the Rossi is a copy of the Marlin and looks essentially the same with pistol grip but no checkering. The Rossi is about $150 cheaper and also comes with a sight rail for scope mounting (not that I'll need it for target but maybe later on). The Rossi also has a slimmer forearm.

    I've read Remlin quality has improved leaps and bounds recently it might be worth a gamble.

    I've looked at the Win 94 but not a fan of the action and it's "guts" levering down when you cycle it.

    I do have a Uberti 1873 I use for Cowboy Action so have experience with levers.

    I have tried a mate's Marlin 1894 in .44 but the action felt "clunky" as you cycled it. When I tried a Rossi in .38 at my LGS the action felt smoother then the Marlin. Would this "clunkyness" be the same with the 30-30?


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    My Rossi Rio Grande is a piece of junk, having begun its life with failure to fire issues which progressed to failure- to- feed. I was seduced by the magazine report years ago, when they came out and the lower price compared to Marlin.
    If you go to http://www.marlinowners.com/forum you can read all about what still goes wrong with Remington/Marlin. There is even a section for Non Marlin Leverguns if you go down the page far enough.
    As far as I am concerned, all the brands except Browning, are a lottery. You pays your money and you takes your chances.


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      The wood on the Rossi is butt ugly, cheap looking shit. I'm not all about appearances but those guns annoy me to look at and I would (and did) pay the extra to avoid owning one.
      "Love the bush for its own sake and you will never have an unsuccessful hunt".


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        What about a used one? Make sure you have a good look before you part with your cash. You can check serial numbers on the net to see what year they were made. I have I Browning B92 44mag and is is the best lever I have ever held. I also have a marlin 444 and it's quite good, it was made in 82 and the quality is heaps better than current production. A 94 will always be clunky, just the way the action works. There are good ones and bad ones.