Marlin 1894c behaving like a lady

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  • Marlin 1894c behaving like a lady

    Hold her gently and she will smille

    Click image for larger version

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    Squeeze her tight in just the right way and she will respond beautifully

    Click image for larger version

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    But make a mistake and you will pay!

    Click image for larger version

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    I shot these three 5 shot groups yesterday at 50yds in the order shown, I had a light hold on the rifle with the first group (the smiling face group) and a tighter hold with the next two groups.

    There was a koala grunting in a nearby tree while I was shooting the last group distracting me but I managed to put 4 shots into 8mm and I thought the 5th shot went into the group and I had a big smile on my face as I walked down to the target till I saw the 5th shot had hit low!...... I then started making noises similar to that of the koala.

    I'm not sure what happened with the last shot but a light skinny rifle with a two piece stock and a 3lb trigger doesn't make for a good bench gun.

    My rifle is a custom Marlin 1894c in .357mag with a Leopold VX3 1.5-5 scope, the load I was testing was a jacketed 158gr Nosler bullet over 16.3gr of win 296 with a win small pistol magnum primer.

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    Very good AND that's no pussy load either.
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      Very nice indeed!

      I have been thinking about adding an 1894C to the stable a few times...
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        Nice McQuade!

        Looks like you ironed out the accuracy bugs from your rifle! was it a change in the bedding or a different load? 16 odd gr of W296 and Hornady XTP's or speer deep curls is accurate in mine as well

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      Hi Nuthead, Sprinter Arms fitted a new barrel for me a few months ago, it cost me $600 dollars but looks like it was worth every cent.


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        absolutely - money well spent. there's something very cool about having a tack driving lever. looks like you can even use it for head shooting bunnies now!

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      Nuthead, If you are still looking to get a bit better accuracy from your Marlin, you could try and tighten up the headspace.

      Sprinter has done an excellent job of getting the headspace on my rifle nice and tight, you just need to get hold of an unground locking lug.

      I think you have a copy of Mic McPherson's book "Accurizing the factory rifle", there is a bit of a write up in there on how to do it.

      If you can put a two or more layers of tape on the back of a case then chamber it and the lever still comes all the way up! then the headspace quite loose.


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        Hey McQuade - yep I have that book

        thanks for the tip - I just tested it with a couple of pieces of masking tape - it will still chamber (although its a little tight) - might get the gunsmith to have a look at it (any accuracy increase would be useful)

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      I think if your feeling resistance half way through the process of chambering a round using the tape method, the headspace should be close. The tape will squash and mould to shape, where a metal no go gauge will stop shortly after resistance is felt.


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        i can feel resistance right at the very end (just before the round is fully chambered) - would this indicate that headspace is ok?

        the gunsmith actually unscrewed the barrel a little, increasing headspace, because they drilled and tapped the front sight on crooked!

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      The Marlin locking lug is tapered and you will still get some degree of lock up if the rim of the case is a bit to thick for what the headspace is set at and the rifle will still fire providing the lug is engaged enough to align the two piece firing pin. (I'm not saying it a good idea though)

      I found this out accidentally with some of my reloads that didn't have the primers seated deep enough due to dirty primer pockets and the lever was just not quite all the way up.
      The headspace is set that tight on my rifle that I can feel the bolt engage the rim just as the lever comes all the way up.

      Nuthead, The headspace on your rifle is probably ok! and you could go to the trouble of getting it set tighter and it may still shoot no better!.... but then maybe it might

      Edit- I found the tape that I used to check the headspace with the old barrel, it was six layers and from memory it still wasn't tight.