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  • Ranch hand/Mares Leg

    Just wondering if anyone has seen one of these for sale in Australia? Or even heard of someone owning one?

    After contacting NSW FAR, I have been informed that provided the gun meets calibre and barrell length requirements the mode of action is not a factor, and the gun is perfectly legal.

    I have contacted one gun dealer in the past who could import these, but have since had issues of reliability with that dealer and will not risk my money with them again. I think it would be a cool "fun gun" and an interesting little piece of old west shooting iron.


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    You would get lots of perplexed looks, go for it. Just make sure you can flick load like Arnie or you will make a fool of yourself.


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      I assume you are talking about one of these?
      sure looks like a bit of fun
      Unfortunately in NSW i think it will fall into the pistol category..

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      Originally posted by Chris" post=36851
      You would get lots of perplexed looks, go for it. Just make sure you can flick load like Arnie or you will make a fool of yourself.
      Arnie used a 1887 lever shotgun not a mare's leg.

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    I had a bit of a look into it a while back, I think I remember reading that these rifles are about 10cm under legal length.


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      Likely Cat H in most states, depending on OAL. Would be fun though.
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        Put a normal length rifle butt on it, and it's not a pistol length weapon anymore, just a short barrelled rifle
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          Really keen, but will have to find out what the requirements are.

          Safari Firearms said they are a no go. I think they said it's because they are too short to be a rifle, and too long for a pistol..don't quote me on that, but I think that was the gist of it.

          Failing this, I will go for a howdah


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            I wonder if they could be used for single action? They look like heaps of fun!


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              Originally posted by BuyUsedGuns" post=162982
              Anyone ever get one these?
              I looked into a few times over the years. From stories there are 3 or 4 in the country. The Australian distributor for Henry wasn't interested as they only bring in rifles and as it's a pistol there a lot more security measures to be taken and they weren't interested for one firearm. Cleavers will bring one in for me though the cost at the time was enough to put it on the back burner. From memory $1200-$1500. It would be a lot of fun to have one in .357Mag http://www.henryrifles.com/rifles/mares-leg/
              I had looked into holsters etc. was keen to have fun and no doubt piss off the purists lol. In .357Mag you can use it in most normal comps at SSAA


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                Originally posted by BuyUsedGuns" post=164588

                I think it would be cool for something different, reminds me of the pistol that actor used in 'Firefly'

                What a great show! Haha

                Given enough stock length (doesn't necessarily have to be full sized, people get stocks shortened all of the time), barrel length and over all length, I think one of these could be legal. Sure would be alot of fun on the farm with some tin cans!


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                  Get a Rossi chop it up, job done!