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  • Marlin article in the Dec Aust Shooter mag

    I just got my copy of the Dec edition of the Australian Shooter mag. Has anyone read the article on Marlin Lever Action history? Apparently the "recent" move to North Haven, Connecticut with modern tooling and assembly equipment has made them better then ever... I guess they didn't mention the takeover by Remington and QC issues.

    Now I would love a new 336 in may safe if the QC were sorted but I thought the mag would be more unbiased and give an honest opinion.

    Anyone else read the article?

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    I live in the country - wont get my copy for several days yet . .
    If guns cause crime, then all mine are faulty - Ted Nugent


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      I just got a new 336 Marlin and will be writing a review for the forum after this weekend. I will say they are pretty good, I am glad I got one, stay tuned.

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    Don't forget the 39A's - they suffered too as I experienced. Reports coming back now seem to indicate the woes are behind them though. The only people still screaming are those getting the last of the 09 stock.


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      oops yep and the 39a's!

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    If you want to know how bad Marlins are, go to their forum. I don't know what the author's objective was in writing the SSAA Journal's article but a cursory reading this pm revealed no mention of the QC issues complained about on the forum.


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      Just read the article. Apparently no problems with workmanship or tooling. Hmmm.

      As for the article NOT mentioning anything bad. I believe I read a reply to this very issue - they never mention anything bad. It was along the lines of.... no point as most people interested in the firearms we write about will do their own research anyway and discover if there is anything bad or not. There was other stuff but that was the crux of their reasoning.


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        I just got my copy today! our postman must drive very slowly, which is probably a good thing as I'm pretty sure he has very bad eyesight.

        In the article Dick Eussed said the 1894 .44mag didn't feed very well and was redesigned in 1969 to fix this,...In a Marlin history book I have it said Marlin chambered the .44mag in the 336 in 1963 and due to problems trying to get the short .44mag round to function correctly in the long 336 action they reintroduced the 1894 in 1969.

        Just a few more notes from my book-

        John Marlin died in 1901 aged 65.
        John Marlin's two son's sell the company in 1915 to a syndicate wanting to manufacture war items for England and Russia.
        The Marlin Firearms Corporation went bankrupt in 1923.
        Upon being foreclosed The Marlin Firearms Corporation was sold at auction on May 10th 1924.
        On the 15th of Jan 1926 Frank Kenna incorporates his new company as The Marlin Firearms Company.
        Marlin move to a new plant in 1969.