What Will Soften Loctite?

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  • What Will Soften Loctite?

    The bloke who fixed the FTF issue with my Rossi Rio Grande must have removed and re-installed the tang bolt, because it is way too tight for little me to budge. Assuming he used thread locker, would acetone soften it enough for me to remove it?

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    Electric soldering iron is best, but the house clothes iron will do the job - just don't caught by the Mrs.


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      first thing most do to solve your problem is apply heat, try placing a soldering iron on the screw only until you can no longer put your hand on the screw then try again to loosen the screw.

      that said it's acrylic based so acetone should soften it but only if it can penetrate into the thread and as long as it doesn't also damage the firearms finishes


      from the loctite site http://www.loctite.com.au/3286_AUS_HTML.htm#item3290

      Q: What solvents can I use to remove liquid Loctite materials?

      A: Most organic solvents are effective in removing anaerobic and cyanoacrylate adhesives. Chlorinated solvents are most commonly used. Dry MEK and acetone are used on applications using instant adhesives.

      Q: How can I remove a fastener that is "permanently" locked in?

      A: The application of heat is needed to remove a fastener that can't be removed with a hand tool. Temperatures of 325F and above is needed to break down a standard anaerobic, 500F for high temperature Anaerobics. A heat gun or propane torch is commonly used to do this process, and careful disassembly should occur while parts are still hot. Once apart, and cooled, use methylene chloride (Chisel #79040) to remove cured excess material. Always wipe down the fasteners with clean up solvent to remove the wax film that Chisel leaves on the surface.


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        A hammer, if that doesn't work, get a bigger hammer....
        I throw sub-moa rocks

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          Boy, that was quick
          The tang bolt does not go all the way through the bottom tang, so what I might do is heat up some 1/16" brass rod with propane and put it in the hole for a while 'til the stuff softens.
          Thanks chaps


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            Dunno if this is of any value but I removed the secondary butterflies from my Kawasaki ZX14 motorcycle and one thing I had to make sure of was that I didn't wreck the screws before I had turned them. 8 screws in total. Recommendation was to find a screwdriver that fit correctly. This was most important. Secondly, heat the tip of the screwdriver with a gas torch of some kind so that it got close to cherry red. Not actually red but on the turn. Then put the screwdriver into the slot/cross and press down firmly to transfer the heat. After a short while, turn the screwdriver while maintaining pressure. Every screw cracked first time and came out with little resistance. These were all threadlocked with some form of threadlocker, presumably Loctite.



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            Chemsearch YIELD.

            Or 1100nm
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