Quality of wood finish on Marlin 45-70

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  • Quality of wood finish on Marlin 45-70

    I took delivery of a new Marlin 1895G 45-70 on Saturday ........ man was i dissapointed in the quality of the wood finish on it. I had pre ordered and had the pick of 3 my LGS had received.

    I know after the 'Rem take over' things have gone downhill in the quality control and service delivery but expected heaps better than I saw, I really feel sorry for the guys that had ordered the other 2 rifles - very poor finish and fit.

    So Iv'e spent today rubbing down and re staining the butt and fore-end wood using some good old 0000 wool and feast and watson walnut stain. I must say after a few hours work it's looking 10000% better already. Got my colour how I want it, just need to finish it with some tru-oil when I'm off work on Thursday .... Will post before and after pics when completed

    Anyone else had similar issues ?
    For the price of the gun I expected a much better presentation.

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    Nah mate, my latest lever gun is a Winchester so...... Perfect fit and finish.
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      Sorry to hear mate, interested to see how the timber looked beforehand. Did you get the stainless or blued version, I am assuming its blued being a 1895G? Did you shoot the rifle after you picked it up? I just got a new Marlin 336w 30-30 and I thought the gun overall was pretty good for a no frills model. I am also going to get an 1895G 45-70 after xmas, I am interested to see what other shooters have experienced with this rifle.

      Cheers Macca.


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        I did handle a 30/30 336 Marlin that was pretty nice, action was a bit clunky though but the finish was pretty nice.

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        The timber is walnut so I expected a decent bit of wood, it was stained very lightly and very rough to handle (unfinished)- light brown with a tinge of red to it...... hard to describe really.
        I went straight to the range with it on Sat after I picked it up and bought 3 boxes of hornady lever evolution ammo only to find it CLOSED FOR A COMPETITION !!! Was spewing I tell ya....

        It is the blued 18" barrel 1in20 twist. I went in to my LGS actually chasing the laminated big loop in stainless but was told these wern't likley to be in Aus again until at least Feb/May nxt year - I couldn't wait that long haha