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  • Projectile shape choices.

    Hi guys,

    What projectile shapes do you prefer for .38 spl? I use my leveraction for Cowboy Action shooting only.

    I started reloading with RNFP (from HRBC) but it was pointed out to me I was using the lube ring for crimping to not the crimp ring. I used the lube ring so the OAL matched the factory Winchester RN when I set up my press. When I made up some dummy loads using the crimp ring the OAL was too short it and they jammed feeding from the magazine into the elevator. To me this projectile would work perfectly in .357 mag as the ring are 3mm apart.

    I've been told by some people to only use RNFP in a leveraction but then other people say it's OK to use RN. I did use factory Federal and Winchester RN when the leveraction was new.

    Is it safe to use RN or should I stick to RNFP or FP (which look to be more conical in shape with a FP)?

    HRBC makes .38 spl 125gn in RNFP and FP (which looks like a truncated cone). In my case would these be interchangeable? What's the difference between the two other than one being a conical and the other being round??? Is it ballistics?


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    Maybe up the weight of the projie to 158/160gr so it's longer or use .357 cases loaded down to .38 power with the short projies. If your using a 66/73 conicals will probably be alright as the feeding ramp feeds the bullets straight into the chamber unlike 92/94s.


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      I'd say a round nose would be pretty unlikely to set off the primer in front of it in the mag, .....unlikely, but not impossible.
      To be on the safe side I would stick to traditional bullet profiles for leverguns.
      There are some good 'Cowboy' bullets out there these days in various weights.
      I use a cast lead 155g RNFP that has two grooves for seating in 38 & 357 cases at the same OAL.