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  • 357 Rossi

    Has anyone got / had a chance to play with a 357 Rossi?

    I had the pleasure of sending half a dozen rounds down range at Belmont a couple of weeks ago.. and I think I might just be addicted...
    the first lever action that i've really enjoyed playing with.

    Thankfully (depending how you look at the world) I just spent my toy money for the rest of this year, so the Rossi will have to wait and see if Santa thinks I was a good boy or not

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    I had a stainless 16" model, great fast handling hard hitting little gun.
    Though I did get rid of it and replace it with a new 94 Winchester, I still miss my Rossi.
    Not suitable for mature audiences


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      I have the same rifle. I like it fine apart from the fact that it has a tendency to shoot high for me. I need to replace the front sight to alleviate that but haven't done that yet and haven't fired it in more than a year. Fun. light, handy.

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    I had one for years blued 14" barrel, length of stock reduced to min. legal length, fitted it with sling swivels and carried it as when shooting Maxi Pigs with my .338WM.
    It worked great with anything from mild 38spl right up to full on 357MAG loads. Good way to shoot mini pigs.
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      i don't have the .357 but i have the .44 in 20" blued and have found its great fun on a mob of pigs or goats but off the bench it kicks a little hard


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        Had one long time ago (also a 16" carbine). My best effort was eight targets in 4.7 secs.
        I must admit though I did find the 357 a little under powered past 50 yards.

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        The 357 had almost no kick... I was so amazed, i've played with a coupe of 30-30's in lever action before and while they were nice enough, I really couldn't seen any benefit over one of my bolt actions.... but the 357 was a pleasure, and even with the basic peep sights was easy to shoot and be accurate, at 25mtrs, in a standing position i was comfortably able to put 5 rounds through a 8cm target in just a matter of seconds... it was great fun...

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      My wife just put a deposit on a 16" one of these, can't wait til she gets it!


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        I had a brief ownership of one about 15 years ago.
        Very good gun and a brilliant caliber. It just did'nt do it for me.
        I had to have a genuine Winchester '92' (not a replica) along with having a genuine WCF cartridge.

        1892 Winchester 1/2 magazine in 25-20WCF is THE favorite in my cabinet.


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          A mate had one, which I found if you didn't cycle it quite quickly it had a tendency to misfeed slightly. Not a big deal. I liked the rifle. I would prefer something with a little more clout though for the occasion you might run into a really big pig.

          Just how strong can the 357 Mag be reloaded in a lever gun?


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            The Rossi lever in 92 action is not all bad good rifle to handle but I found if you cycle them quickly they can jam up due to the 45 degree loading ramp otherwise good.

            John T