My 'new' Bootleg Pistol.

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  • My 'new' Bootleg Pistol.

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    I just bought this from the USA.It has no markings at all,I think it may be Belgium and a copy of an Ethan Allen.Any guesses?.I have recased it for my pleasure with acessories.
    Click image for larger version

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    very cool old gun, wouldnt minda old black powder gun myself.


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      Very cool, have you fired it yet?
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      Looks awesome. Hope you don't blow your hand off with it Good to have something completely different now and again.


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        Reading that your getting the 36cal balls, I take it that you are going to put lead down range with it, sure would be a sight to see. Load, aim, shoot and step sideways out of the smoke to see if you hit anything.


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          nice gun mate.
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