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  • Magazine won't drop free

    Hey guys,

    I got a 10 round 9mm metalform mag for my 38 super 1911. I changed out the follower and it seems to feed well by hand.

    Unfortunately the mag doesn't drop free without pulling on it. What is the best way to solve this problem? It looks like it the front lip of the mag in front of the gap which activates the slide stop rubs on the frame,

    Can I just go at it with some pliers or is there a better way?


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    Paint your mag with a black texter and insert and remove a couple of times.

    This should show where it is catching.

    It might just need a light filing to fix the problem.


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    Thanks TRE.

    Ive got 6 other metalform mags which work fine apart from being 9 round. ;(

    The Chip McCormick one I have is perfect but the only ones I can find are $105 each.

    Never heard of Para mags. I'll do a google.


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      GCSS have single stack Para 9mm 10 rounders for $45.

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      Originally posted by dansedgli" post=6708

      The Chip McCormick one I have is perfect but the only ones I can find are $105 each.

      Should be pretty easy to get them from a supplier here for half that, You could probably buy some from the US for $40 or less.

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    Take the mag catch out & see if the mags drop clear of the frame.
    If they do the mag catch probably needs to have some material removed to allow the the mags to drop.
    Try that before getting too carried away with the pliers.



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      Sounds to me like the replacement follower is jumping/snagging on the slide stop.
      Try it with the top end off and you can see more clearly if it is.
      Does it work fine with it's original follower?


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        Remove the slide. Place a mag in and press mag catch, it should drop free. Try this for every mag both going in, slowly, changing angle of insertion etc.

        There is possibility, it is hanging on the mag catch, or the trigger bow, both relatively easy fixes.

        It may suprise you....