Cat H licence arrives this week need help

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  • Cat H licence arrives this week need help

    The wife's and my cat H licence's arrive this week and it's finally come down to the line on what pistols to purchase, she has her heart set on a 1911, so looking at a colt rail gun in 22 for her and I'm leaning towards a gen 4 glock 17.

    Can you guys offer pro's and cons or other suggestions we should be looking at.

    We are both thinking just silhouette competitions to compete in, neither of us are looking at getting into comps very seriously at all.

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    I have a Colt Rail in 22LR and it is a hoot to shoot. But for silhouette (and many other target comps) a Ruger MkIII Target is a far superior option and for less money. Worth considering.

    G17A is an excellent all round pistol suitable for many comps (IPSC etc) but is not ideal for silhouette. You will still have a bucket of fun but will never really be competitive. Have a think about a quality wheel gun (eg S&W 686 with 6" barrel). This gun is serious fun with good accuracy. 357 mag is easy to reload and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

    Enjoy your first guns, but if money is tight, ask around a bit before you spend big bucks on an option that is not really suited to your objectives.


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      Cheers Stan,

      Yeah they are both simply for fun, nothing serious at all really.

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    If you are looking to buy firearms to be involved in sport, nothing to serious or then very serious, always look on there are many excellent 2nd hand firearms of all shapes and sizes, good prices and most are in top condition.
    Look at the silhouette shooting this is done at various distances and small targets. FIND the most suitable pistol that will allow you and your wife to be competitive, hitting targets and getting better, this requires a good but not expensive firearm.
    Best of luck, and try a good revolver for yourself and a Ruger111 for your wife, or a good Glock 34. A 9mm glock is also a very good and gentle firearm for females to use, I gun for two people.