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  • ipsc major gun

    thinking of getting a standard major gun.

    who is running what, pretend no budget at the moment

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    If I was to get a STD major gun it would be an SVI in 357sig from Andy at JPP imports


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      Originally posted by Kevin" post=5686
      If I was to get a STD major gun it would be an SVI in 357sig from Andy at JPP imports
      What he said....

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    +1 for Andy's guns.

    I have a couple and if you ever need a .40 S&W barrel it will be easy for him to fit one to your current setup.

    A little bit expensive, but these days you get what you pay for.

    He usually quotes 6 months for build times, but the 3 guns I have got from him have all taken under 3 months.

    Good Luck

    SVI's are what all Standard guns are compared against..


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      I'm using an STI Edge with some custom slide work. If I had a bottomless bank account I would get a SVI with an island barrel, they look awesome. There's a pic of mine in the STI picture thread.

      Guns don't kill people. People kill people. So do monkeys if they have a gun.


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        I have been using an STI Eagle (with a full length dust cover, like the Edge) in 357 sig for several months. The gun has performed perfectly, and I am really enjoying using it. I have only added FO front sight, extended mag release & mag well. I would class myself as a "club" level shooter and my STI more than meets my needs.

        Cheers Steve


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          Agree with STI edge in .357sig
          Talk to Matthew Workman from ?action imports

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        1911 and 2011 are not the same.. but you know that




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          Well done with the disassembly, my 1911 Caspian built for me in 1990 was very similar to the 2011. A lot od fun to shoot and everyone should know how to reassemble both. Then there would be fewer questions on this site. Relic Custom, dear Ivan was a fantastic gunsmith, and when he was asked he always had time to show anyone. I was silly enough in 1991 to ask him how many parts were in a 1911, he in front of me took it apart as above, then told me I had 1 hour to 100% reassemble it, taught me a great deal that did.

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        If there is a 6 month wait, when do you apply for the PTA? Upon placing the deposit or when the gun is complete?


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          Just talk to Andy he will let you know when it is almost ready and you can apply when you need too. If it is your first gun you will need to wait 28 days minimum but if it is an additional handgun it depends on the state you are in as it varies from 3 - 28 days.

          BTW those are not my guns, I just grabbed the m off the net as examples.

          I fully strip mine every 6 months if they have been used hard otherwise they just get a tune up most of the time.

          I would love a relic, but I have enough SVI's and Colts for now