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  • Holsters

    Just wondering if anyone has bought an Airsoft CR Speed holster and are they any good to start out with?
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    Its Hard to say, I mucked around with abit of airsoft while i lived in New Zealand and the quality of the gear ranged.. If your buying from a good company I dont see why not Alot of the gear I saw got a hell of alot of abuse thrown at it in some of those all out battles!! Ohh New Zealand gotta love the place


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      I've got an airsoft IPSC belt and its great, seems every bit a tough as belts not costing $35 Lol

      Dunno about holsters though. That a part which is going to come in for a fair bit of wear.


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        I have seen a couple youtube reviews on them and they say they are ok just the moulding joins are a bit rough just need a tidy up.

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      I had a knock of Blackhawk the real gun it was designed for (1911) wouldn't fit. The CR style seem ok though


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        A mate bought some airsoft type mag holders similar to CR speed ones, They are OK but don't appear as durable eg thinner plastic and not designed for a heavy magazine. I'd use a kydex style holster over a airsoft holster any day of the week.
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