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  • Raven Concealment

    Just got my oder from Raven Concealment. Awesome quality & highly recommend their gear
    M&P Mag holders & Surefire P2ZX holder for my work rig. Took about 5 weeks from the time i placed my order

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    Looks the goods mate.

    I ordered a Holster and double carrier for a RMR'd glock project, its almost here

    Thinking I should have gone two singles instead of the double though...
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      Kav commented
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      Yeah i like the singles. I find with the doubles during night shoots I sometimes drag my fingers over the top of the 2nd mag causing it to fall out so hence why i decided to separate them and go with the 2 singles. Will order a holster for the Glock 35 when that arrives with a Surefire X400 attached to it