Windex...paint brush cleaning Sig X-5

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  • Windex...paint brush cleaning Sig X-5

    i've been cleaning the crap that gets into the inside of the slide with windex and a clean new paint brush....easiest way i've figured out how to get bits of crap out...sure it is a bit messy, bit of old news paper fixes that, seems to work a treat, sort of drys itself and then give him a bit of rem oil, grease the bits that need grease and happy days

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    Personally use a hard-bristle toothbrush and Hoppes to scrub the slide. Maybe some drenched cotton buds afterwards to get into the gunked up places easier

    Haven't heard of Windex used for anything except flushing out rifle barrels after corrosive ammo, but hey if it works I guess :P

    Far as I know Windex is 90-something % water and a bit of ammonia added


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      I'd probably skip the Windex and use an oil instead.
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      • Gidge
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        Try Frog Lube and a microfiber cloth

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      yep another for frog lube. Once you start using it carbon and crab just wipes off havnt had to scrub any of my gun since and it smells prrriiiiitttttyyyy lol


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        Spray Ballistol inside the slide; The crud just drips out. Doubles as oil too.

        According the the can, its a wonder-do-it-all spray... You can even use it as antiseptic! haha


        • BJ343
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          did anyone see My Big Fat Greek Wedding? where the family used windex for everything including curing of my buddies reckons frog lube ends up getting gummy on internal surfaces after a while...still love my rem oil, even if it is a rip many of the gun related stuff are a rip off, grease...have used wd40 to clean shotguns for ages, then dry them and finish with rem oil...