Uberti 1858 New Army Conversion 45 Colt

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  • Uberti 1858 New Army Conversion 45 Colt

    My little Christmas present to myself and a pic next to its mate.

    Picked it up this week after sorting out a stuff up by Qld Weap Lic.

    A few items needed attention out of the box.

    Trigger had a bit of creep and the hammer spring was too heavy. A 15min fix, boosted the hammer a few times to mate the sear surfaces, stripped gun, clean, relube and took a little tension off the arm of spring that contacts the trigger. Took a little off the hammer spring tension screw. (I may yet lighten the hammer spring by reducing its width a little). The trigger now breaks like glass at a touch over 2lb.

    The spring holding the ejector in place had a very sharp chisel like edge on it where it ran along the ejector and again had way too much tension. These conversions do not have a spring loaded ejector like a Colt SAA or Ruger SA. Knocked the edges off the spring steel where it contacted the ejector and reduced the tension by bending the spring. It's now perfect.

    The sights are very fine and the front sight, a pinched post, will be difficult to pickup in less than ideal light conditions.

    The positives are it locks up nice and tight and is timed right on. The cylinder/barrel gap is half that of my Ruger Vaquero.

    I'll run a few handloads through it after Christmas and find something it likes. Hopefully it's not as fussy as my Ruger to find a load for!
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Good thing I sandbagged the [email protected]#k out of that match or I'd be B Grade in Classic now too................


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      I had a uberti cap and ball NMA. Got a conversion cyl in 45colt and it was real fun to shoot. Shot high like a bitch though