The best military handgun ????

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  • The best military handgun ????

    Well whilst things are a little quiet I thought I'd ask which handgun is the best for military use SF included .
    I know some chaps use a Sig 226-229 , what are your experiences ?

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    "best" is always a good word, ill just sit here with my popcorn :P


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      Have a read of the "ultimate handgun debate" just spent 4 pages on it without any real conclusion.


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        In a modern Army the 'Best' Military Handgun is the one they issue you with.

        It is no longer acceptable to bring your own weapon so you get two choices. Use the one they issue you with, or go without. Please give up on the thought that soldiers have a choice in their weapons, that more than a small few give a stuff about their issue weapons, or that more than one or two can have an informed discussion about the alternatives.

        Most soldiers are not shooters, generally have never handled a rifle before they join up and won't handle one after they discharge. This does not mean that they cannot appreciate useful design differences, but if presented with a blank sheet of paper they will draw something remarkably like the weapon they are familiar with.


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          [quote="adamjp" post=45930]In a modern Army the 'Best' Military Handgun is the one they issue you with.

          My Dad was in the second world war they we not issued with pistols, but he had is own.
          During the first pert of the war he was helping a wounded U.S guy and he said son I'm dying thank you for trying to help me, please take my watch and pistol they both may help you one day.....and they did.
          We lived rural and as a kid I played with that 45 and can still remember the recoil, And today I shoot badly because I'm anticipating the recoil but don't get much from a .22.....well that my excuse anyway.
          As for recommendation, something in a 45 or 38 perhaps something like Glock....Yes there are better pistols out there but will they work covered in mud or dust? if someone is staring down the barrel it's got to go BANG you may not have enough time to rack the slide.