Handgun safes NSW; what are you using?

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  • Handgun safes NSW; what are you using?

    Hey guys, quick question for NSW Cat H licence holders (reason I'm singling out NSW is that we have some different requirements to other states including minimum 6mm thickness for both safe walls and doors); what handgun safes are you using? Am interested in the brand, capacity, cost and where you bought them too. I suspect that Morgo uses a disused bank vault or old missile silo to house his collection, however I'm after something a little more "compact".

    About to send off a couple of PTAs in for my first 2 pistols to "cool off" for 28 days and will be sorting out safe storage for them in the meantime, hopefully this week. There seems to be a plethora of different "handgun safes" out there that supposedly comply with regs however some of them just look downright dodgy (particularly with regard to the construction of the keypads & locking mechanisms, which in many cases seem inferior to my basic Level 1 Storage-rated longarms cabinet), so I was hoping to sort the wheat from the chaff with help from the experienced here.


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    I went for the Spika S3CH.

    Click image for larger version

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    I don't have a great deal of room at the moment so an all-in-one solution suited me perfectly. All doors are recessed, ammo in the top compartment, maybe 8-10 handguns in the 6mm middle compartment and 8-10 longarms in the bottom. Three separate keys, one for each compartment. Two bolts through the back and two through the floor into cement slabs, shouldn't budge.

    About $750, I think

    (Just sent my first two handgun PTA's off last week, should be mid January and I'll be able to pick up the Stainless Kimber that's waiting for me. )


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      Spika SPK with the manual key lock here.

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    Foxsafes are good value and have been around for a long time.
    They will deliver them direct and all comply with national and state regulations


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      Originally posted by GSR" post=44480
      I suspect that Morgo uses a disused bank vault or old missile silo to house his collection, however I'm after something a little more "compact".

      I have a few safes the main one being a custom made from fox safe's.

      The one I started out with and still use a lot was around $300-350 from GCSS I think, is something like 300mmH x 300mmDx 380mm W. With the shelf it can hold 10 handguns stacked in side easily enough, I use something in between for stacking, like a silicone cloth. It is also a keypad access safe.
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        I recently looked at a CMI PS2 and at one of the keylock Spikas.
        Neither were in stock and the manufacturers were quoting early Feb 2014 delivery.

        I eventually went with an Aussie Gun Safe mainly cause they do custom sizes, I wanted to maximise the space and was stuck with a 30cm max height.
        Won't be delivered till mid Feb however.

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      I am using a Foxsafe, Mr Plod has visited and is fine with it. Plenty of room for 4-6 depending how much padding you use.


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        Not sure what your budget is but those new Browning "Medallion" safes are pretty cool. They are up there price wise but its a good safe for both rifles and handguns together. Some even have the backing on the door with pouches for your handguns! Have a look at the new winchester catalogue and see what you think. I could be wrong, but im pretty sure they are compliant Australia wide with each states regulations for pistols and rifles.

        Or you throw caution to the wind and buy one of these bad boys....



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          I went this way short on room so i need to keep all in one space I did not pay this much tho i got it from Campbell town Abella i thnk it was and they delivered it
          http://www.hpgs.biz/prod5520.htm only had it a year think i need more room now