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  • Single stroke pneumatic air pistols

    Been looking around for a single stroke pneumatic air pistol for a while now and have narrowed my search down to 3 models. These are the Gamo Compact, Webley Alecto and the Weihrauch HW40 PCA with the latter being my pick of the bunch. According to what I’ve read online, these are all great little air pistols for plinking and short range target work yet it appears nobody bothers to bring them in. Is this just a Brisbane thing or are these available elsewhere in Australia?
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    There is only one major discipline that you can shot an air pistol in, if you are lucky your club may shot air pistol silhouette. These are not the pistols of choice for these event, but can be used.
    If you are looking at a SSP pistol that is in the form factory similar to the ones that you list then a good used FAS 604 would be my choice.
    This is what the Gamo is based on and the FAS is nicely made with a very good trigger.
    Even though I have a very good PCP I am still looking for a nice FAS to add to my collection.

    Just my 2c


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      Yeah really just after a plinker that looks cool, is cheap to shoot and reasonably accurate. Quite happy to do a few comps with the serious boys and get my arse kicked to achieve this. I also like the look of the FAS and currently own a FAS 603 but I believe they stopped making the 604 a few years ago and I really want something brand new so I don’t have any drama getting parts.