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  • 357/38 loads

    Looking for some 357 mag or 38 special load advice.

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    What do you want to shoot?


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      Just after a mild target load to shoot paper

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    I run 2.8 of ap50 with a 148 DEWC seated flush in a .38 case.
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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      2.5gn Bullseye. 100gn SWC seated flush in a 38 case.

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    2.3 wst, 100gn SWC seating the top of your projectile 3mm deep inside the case,why we do this, is because your using such small amounts of powder,it lessens the air gap between powder and projectile, 3.5 of AP50 with 135 gn BNWC seated flushed with the top of the case is a good service load for power factor


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      2.2gr AS30 behind a 100gr SWC seated 2mm inside case mouth.
      Starline .38spl brass and Federal small pistol primers.

      Regards Murph

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    I have AP50N and only have access to 140-158gr jacketed projectiles. ADI only supply data for lead projectiles using this powder in 357 Mag though. Is there any known data for 357 Mag loaded with AP50N using jacketed projectiles of this weight?


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      Now that my Smith is on it way I need to look into a good Service Unrestricted / WA1500 load.

      I have plenty of Trail Boss that I would like to use up and will try some coated 100gr SWCs.
      Any recommendations for a starting load and what fps I should be aiming for.
      What sort of accuracy could I expect from Trail Boss? Or should I try and search down some different powder (little hard to find in SA)?



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        If you are using 38 special cases, I would start at about 3.5 grains and work up from there to find the 'sweet-spot'.
        Ultimately you want to be in the 700 -750 fps range, but your gun may prefer a little faster or slower.
        Just seat the projectiles as intended and crimp in the crimp groove, (as opposed to the popular method of seating the entire projectile below the case mouth) Trail boss is a powder that does NOT like to be compressed.

        Which club are you with?
        I'm sure there are experienced handloaders there to offer advice also

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      Thanks for the info.
      At my club most use Bullseye or Winchester (WST, 231) and deep seat a 100gr projectile.
      Just measured the filling capacity of 3.5-4.5gr TB in 38 and 357 cases and TB fills the case nicely and will crimp in the factory crimp groove.
      Will load a selection in 357 cases and see how they soot.