Want to buy hand gun barrel from the u.s

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  • Want to buy hand gun barrel from the u.s

    Gday Guys Ive got a dan Wesson 22 & ive found a brand new 6" barrel for it but its in the states im just wondering if there is any one around that i could contact to inport it on my beharf, Thanks

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    If the sellier will post it, simply get a B709 and do it yourself.


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      Try this guy. I use him for all my imports http://www.sans-nom.com


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        Thanks for that ive just emailed them,Yeah I thourt of doing the b709 form


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          you could also use a Aussie local importer to get it for you too,

          They are getting me various parts from the US as we speak, initial impressions are that Richard is a no bull straight down the line kind of guy, tells you if its doable and gives you a quote within a few days.

          rarco is also a site sponsor coincidentally

          I haven't completed my 1st transaction with Richard yet but so far its been a trouble free experience


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            Gday, I emailed Richard he,s not going to inport parts anymore to much hassle from customs