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  • Rugers MKII & MKIII

    Does anyone know for certain whether Ruger MK2 grips will fit a MK3?
    I have a cpl of MK3's and I was about to purchase a Pachmayr wrap around grip to go on one.
    The grip itself was for a MK2, and the seller made the comment, "Just be sure the screw holes will line up the same"
    That has got me wondering they?

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    The mag release is different between Mkii and Mkiii Rugers. Would depend on the grips as to whether thy could be modded. I'd imagine the screw holes should line up though.
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      Google it. Its probably been covered before on one of the US forums. I recently had a query about whether a Tac Sol upper came with a bolt or not and found the answer that way (FYI, they don't, you have to buy the bolt seperate).

      either that or check Brownells, I'm pretty sure they stock them so if they list different grips for MkII and III then they prob don't fit.
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        Some modification will be required to make provision for the mag release button on the Mark III. Most grip manufacturers make separate models for the II and the III.

        Save yourself some grief and hunt down the correct version for your Ruger.