Lone Wolf 9'' Glock Barrels

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  • Lone Wolf 9'' Glock Barrels

    Just thought I would share this clip, looks kinda funny but plenty more power. There are available for 9mm and other calibres too, not sure if it is in 9x25mm but that would be interesting.


    Does anyone know if these barrels would be likely to significantly influence accuracy in a good or bad way?

    Also would they fit in a HERA kit or would the barrel move too much?

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    Saw these when they came out, didn't know they came in cals other than 9mm though.

    They would improve accuracy though its more affected by the sight radius which has not changed.

    Should work in a Hera, though it depends on which model you have.
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      It will marginally increase accuracy and will also increase muzzle velocity by how much though I'm not sure. I think it would work in a HERA would be pretty cool as well.
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        A nice tight barrel fit up, will influence accuracy far greater than barrel length.