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  • Norinco NZ85b thoughts

    Put my inexperienced hand on one of these in stainless and it felt pretty good and the finish looked surprisingly good.
    Anybody fired one?
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    They're ok but buy a CZ, when you decide to buy a CZ after having one for a few months you will take a hit trying to sell it.


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      I had one and had constant issues with it.. Failure to fire and extract...Tried different brands factory and reloaded same thing. It looked damn nice though and was comfortable to use when it worked..But was a lesson in terms of when you buy cheap, chances are higher you are gonna get problems.

      Sold it and got a M&P9L instead..


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        interesting as i had the blued version and had no issues with it and the guy I sold it too is letting his daughter use it

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      The Norinco 1911 is a pretty decent cheap handgun. I've not tried the CZ knock offs. I'd imagine they would take a $$$ hit if bought new when you want to sell them, maybe keep an eye out for a nice used one so if it doesn't suit atleast you can get your money back and put it toward a CZ
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        Really appreciate the thoughts/wisdom.
        Because I'm a newbie who's really green around pistols, I'm still trying to get my head around the massive price differences of handguns.
        Norinco 1911 for $600 new vs like an STI for $1600 new.
        $1000 difference. Thats a decent bolt action AND optic!
        Or the $600 NZ85 vs the $1200 CZ85.
        $600 difference - I could buy a decent secondhand revolver with the change!

        I know I'm probably comparing a Great Wall ute to a Lexus SUV - but as a budget conscious newbie whos too stupid to know better, I just can't get my head around what the differences are and why those differences are so much more expensive.

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      Yup, but everyone has to start somewhere
      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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        Buy the best you can afford. I own 2 Norinco 1911s, and am happy with them, as I was with my first pistol , a NZ75. You can get lucky , as I have. You can also get unlucky with the $1500 pistols.