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  • Nordic kits for chargers in QLD

    So here's my question for all you well informed Qlders. If a ruger charger pistol (registered on a h licence) is pulled down and put in a nordic kit and a stock is attached has that cat H weapon been converted into a cat D weapon? I looked at the act and the regs but it looks a little grey if the thing comes in at 75cm or under. What are the laws in relation to adding stocks to pistols? In my view its been converted into a semi auto rifle as its been redesigned to be fired from the shoulder as a rifle and is no longer a pistol. Just a bit of debate at the pistol club recently. I put this post in the handgun section as I thought I'd get a better response then the firearms laws section.

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    Well first of all even if you were to make it longer then 75cm it would be a Cat C not a Cat D. Semi-auto 22 rifles are Cat C.

    As long as the thing is less then 75cm you are golden in QLD, also see the ZK22 kits for a Charger that brings the overall length to around 60 cm with a 16" barrel.

    Sadly these aren't used in any organised competitions in QLD that I am aware of, however I know of a few people who would very much like to change this, we just need to get organised and start something.
    Always in need of just one more gun.


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      Given cat H is limited to 10 round mags anyway no one who owns a Charger should have a magazine for it with more then 10 rounds so it could never be considered to have become a Cat D.

      Unless of course you are also holding mags for it with more then a 10 round capacity.
      Always in need of just one more gun.


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        It does seem to be a bit of a grey area though, but I lean in the favour of having things legal because we don't need to shoot ourselves in the foot buy interpreting the laws to be more strict then how they are written.
        Always in need of just one more gun.


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          Better than being able to own a kit but only to hang it on the wall...the minute you attach a handgun it becomes a 'prohibited weapon' lol


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            I think if we were all honest we'd agree that it converts the pistol into a short semi auto rifle. While I can see from a legislative perspective it is legal i doubt it's in the spirit of the legislation. Probably more of a case of legislation not keeping up with available products.


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              I completely disagree with your statement that these are a new thing that the laws have not caught up with and that they are a very short rifle.

              Stocks that fit onto a handgun are most certainly nothing new see the luger artillery for example. And fitting a stock onto a handgun does not make it a short rifle, I and a lot of other people consider them to be a hybrid pistol carbine not a rifle.

              We don't have laws that allow us to do things we only have laws that restrict us from things, if the law fails to address something like this we can only assume that those who wrote the laws did not consider it to be an issue and given the ease at which they can change the law they do not consider it to be an issue now.

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            Well let's hope no one in QLD notices lol


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              My personal opinion is well I don't care to be honest lol

              It doesn't effect me when people come down to the club with these things on let them be as long as their smiling , there not really breaking a law as per say

              WLB know about these and if they want and when they want they will pounce They may pounce they may not.. If it gets into the media that is a different story all together