2014 IPSC Nationals (Dalby) dates?

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  • 2014 IPSC Nationals (Dalby) dates?

    Does anyone know if firm dates have been set/ released for the 2014 IPSC Nationals, to be held in Dalby, Qld?

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    For the most up to date info on all things IPSC, head over to the IPSC Australia Forum...

    Here's the last post mentioning dates from the thread on the 2014 Nats:

    The intention is to schedule the match over 4 days (Fri 6 June to Monday 9 June) with the presentation dinner Monday 9 June 2014. There will be no Man on Man competition. This will enable larger squads with fewer stages per day as Dalby will only have 13 ranges.
    Good thing I sandbagged the [email protected]#k out of that match or I'd be B Grade in Classic now too................