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  • .44 magnum issue

    Hey guys.

    Was speaking to my dealer earlier.

    He said that .44magnum handguns will no longer be imported as the government is stopping it. Sounds like BS to me and there is no evidence to suggest this. I think he is confused....the new Vaquero is no longer made in .44mag, but he thinks it is just not being bought into Australia. Maybe this is where he has got it from.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else has heard anything to this effect? He is known for getting things wrong and being wrong quite often.

    As I said, sounds like horse poop, but wanted to check. Thinking I may stop listening to this person.

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    Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!


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      Thanks Wallace. I thought as much.

      I don't get why people say stuff like this, but it dosent matter. There was no logic to what he said anyhow.

      Thanks for your time mate.


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        Was he trying to sell you a 44 mag at the time? Quick put your money down before they're all gone.

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      Stop listening to this dealers B/S Patriot, he is making you worry for nothing...shop around its fun.


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        poop all round


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          Its frustrating isn't it lol..

          Tell him you will import it yourself see what he says then..

          When I originally went to order my Glock 35 the dealer refused to order it as he believed that 40s&w was for police and security only, so off to another dealer I went never to return lol..


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            Thanks guys.

            No he wasn't trying to sell me one at the time lol.

            He is club armourer, but I would be happy look around and have found some nearby dealers that arent just armourers, they actually run a business.

            I purchased a Uberti Walker from Safari Firearms, and had major issues getting this same armourer to understand that .44 in Black Powder DOES NOT require a high cal permit. I was ready to get it sent through another dealer when I got a letter from firearms stating cleary that I did not require a high cal permit...it also stated that if I had continuing issues with it I should seek out a dealer who understands the legislation, as it is a legal requirement for armourers and dealers to understand legislation. Changed his mind pretty quick then. Seems to be a similar situation to Dan's re; the Glock 35 in .40 S&W.

            I am in nothern NSW which is why I didn't just pick up from Safari Firearms. On another note, I am smitten with this Walker!!

            Thankyou guys, much appreciated!