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  • S&W 627 PC

    I'm interested in a Smith & Wesson Model 627 Performance Centre.

    Can anyone tell me what these are valued at? Does anyone have one? What are my other options?

    S&W Model 627

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    Hey mate,

    They are around $1700+ I could be wrong though

    Where about are you located??

    Most dealers should be able to help you get one in




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      iv seen them for sale at around the $1800-$2100 mark
      not many come up for sale but


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        Kinda a gun you have to order a long time before you see it lol

        Kinda like my 460V :-/


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          Might just go see the guys at Grycol and have the conversation. Would be nice to hear from someone who has one though.

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        I have one. It came in an aluminium case with a couple of moonclips and both timber and rubber grips.
        I was lucky enough to get it second hand virtually unused.
        Its a great gun.


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          I have one. Great gun good trigger. I actually imported this one myself as I was sick of being fed BS by dealers & distributors.


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            We have one. It has shot well straight out of the box. Bench tested it he other day and it grouped well with average factory ammo. Trigger release is sweet and you can easily feel the take up spot. Looks better in the flesh than in picys.

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          There is a guy who shoots Prac pistol with a shoulder holster at my club. Its not competitive, but still very cool. Have to draw it in a special way so that the safety rules are adhered too.


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            Yes I have one. It's a great gun. Forget the hype about "Performance Centre", it means nothing but a higher price. It's a S&W 627 in 357. Has the pinned front sight which is preferred to the V-Comp model (drift in front sight, which is difficult to get options for).

            Very popular for ICORE.