TC Encore Production or Unlimited in Silouette?

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  • TC Encore Production or Unlimited in Silouette?

    Anyone shooting an Encore in metalic silouette?
    By my reading of the rules and and with the standard TC 15" barrel puts you in unlimited?
    Is a non TC after market (readily available from say Bullberry) 10" barrel legal for Production?
    What about a .22LR aftermarket barrel for small bore?
    Can't find and listed weights for the Encores (at least from my phone) are they too heavy for Production even if a non TC 10" barrel is ok?
    Thanks. Oz.

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    Shoot an Encore pro hunter in silhouette, I'd shoot it in everything else but it's a bit slow on the reloads and some of the cartridges are a bit overkill.

    The way I've always read it, although I'm not an expert. I just bang away to have fun... I'm pretty sure there was a "your allowed to shorten the barrel to get into the lower class" rule, but I'll stand by to be corrected.

    15" sticks you in Unlimited, either Iron or Scope.
    10" aftermarket should get you into Production as long as it was made by T/C at some time.
    15" 22lr get rimfire unlimited, 10" 22lr gets you into production, as they were standard issue/make for the T/C.

    I haven't got a 10" barrel here to weigh, as mine are all 15" or rifle barrels, I don't think I ever payed attention to the weight issue. No one at the club ever gave a hoot cause I always marked Unlimited on the score card. I can ask the anorak crowd at the club this weekend and get back to you, someone will decipher the really small writing

    Where are you scoring bullberry barrels from, I'd like a couple!


    • Oz
      Oz commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the info Harlequin

      I to am a bang away and have fun type of shooter, too old to get too competitive.

      Have pm'ed some details.

      I am ordering direct from Bullberry, they are shipping from Utah to a FFL export agent in Illinois, who is exporting to an Australian dealer who is arranging importation paperwork and getting them on the NSW register.

      Timing is a PITA as Bullbery don't have any .357 barrel stock till Christmas, so there may be delay depending on what calibres you are after, I am after a .22lr and .357 maximum. I am going with 7/08 for the standard TC barrel.

      If your interested give me a bell, I am sure it won't be hassel to add a couple more, the exporter / importer like to combine orders as I understand it just as much paperwork and fees for one as for many.

      All the best. Oz.