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  • Smith & Wesson 686 rear sight

    Guys does anyone know where I can pick up a S&W 686 rear sight locally meaning in Australia, a mate has asked me to check around as he hasn't a computer. The rear sight cracked half way, he fumbled and dropped the revolver when replacing it into his safe after last shoot. now he won't use it as he is to scared the crack will seperate and he will loose the sight .

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    I'd tell you to try Grycol the S&W importer but some may say don't, Nothing wrong with them to deal withas far as I know
    Good IPSC people and good supporters of shooting sports.


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      What model 686? There are changes.....

      A "take off" may be pretty cheap...


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        Originally posted by Oddball" post=27157
        What model 686? There are changes.....

        A "take off" may be pretty cheap...
        Current guns have a sight where the front of the sight spring leaf is rounded around the retaining screw.. The topstrap has severall drilled and tapped holes (3 or 4, can't remember) the sight is screwed into the front one. Earlier guns had a square front to the blade on the topstrap and a smaller screw holding it on.
        Also the height of the blade can be different. so whether its an adjustable front sight is relevant to ahich sight. Suggest you supply more info to narrow down our search.

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      Sorry guys for the slow response, got busy with work commitments. Not sure what the model is though it has the rounded end on adjustable rear sights, though will ask him next time I'm talking to him, Thanks for the replies guys.