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  • Best 1911 magazine in 9 mm


    what is the best 1911 10 shot magazine in 9 mm?

    Are 10 shot mags in 9mm reliable? I was told by a experienced gun dealer that they are not reliable.

    Where can I buy some and approx.cost.


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    I use Wilson Combat and Chip McCormick 9mm 10rnd mags.

    But been told by some older guys that Mec-Gar 10rnd mags are better with not as much spring tension.

    Approximate cost, last I bought some mags was $60.00 ea from LGS..

    I now purchase all my mags from Brownells and prices vary depending on the $AU > $US


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      Tripp Cobra mags are the best.

      Metal Form detachable base plate, mags are almost identical




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        The Metalform Mags work more reliably for me than the Wilson Combats, and they are cheaper. Boxtrade was selling them a while ago for under $50


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          I use chip Mccormick ones and have never had a jam or misfeed after the 200rd run in period. I got mine from brownells. You can order 3 per order to get it under their 100 dollar export limit.


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            I've got Wilson Combat in my Spartan, they work great

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          I use Wilson Combat and Chip McCormick as well, good gear.
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            Remind you need a B907 or whatever it is for mags?

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            Hi guys, I still use the factory sti magazines and they work well. I will be buying some cmc mags on the recommendations of other club members though.


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              Newbie question here - do all 9mm mags designed for full size 1911s fit all makes?

              I'm about to buy a few mags for my Springfield Loaded and not sure which way to go. I can get them from the states through a mate.

              Any suggestions about brand and model greatly appreciated.


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                Click image for larger version

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                I would get the Wilson Combat 10 rnd if you can, been using them for 12 months not 1 hiccup, also have .45 for other gun.


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              They should do just don't buy crap like promag.


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                He lied, or he's not as experienced as you (& he) think?

                Boxtrade, Boxtrade, Boxtrade, Boxtrade. Did I mention Boxtrade?


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                  B709d in nsw.

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                I originally used Wilson combat 10 round 9mm magazines in my STI Trojan. the mags ran flawlessly in the 12 months i used them. I have since switched to Dawson Precision 10 round 1911 magazines and i love them. They work a lot better with the mag well on my gun and run great. Picked them up for $40 each imported from the states. The Wilsons were around $60 each from a LGS here in Aus.


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                  Doc's right the Wilson are very good no hang ups, try Boxtrade Peter Dawson 0411 029 179, Chip McCormick very good as well