A quick review of the Tactical Solution Glock .22lr slide

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  • A quick review of the Tactical Solution Glock .22lr slide

    HI guys,

    So i decided to purchase the Tactical Solutions 22lr conversion kit for a healthy price of $595 and here is my review on it so for

    Purchasing it was a breeze all i needed was a club letter and the rest was done over the counter at the dealer the way i think firearm transactions should be.

    Got it home and took it to the range, looked good and well made was available in threaded or un threaded.. Swapped the slides out and gave it abit of a jiggle it felt loose and rattly all good though im ok with that

    Loaded the magazine up with 10 rounds and racked the slide 1st round missed chamber and bent, removed round and tried again round went in and bang 1st round off, pulled the trigger on second round and click nothing failed to eject and feed. Removed round and put another round in the chamber fired and ejected. The rest of the rounds fired fine.

    Put a few more magazines through it and had probably a 50% success rate so not happy.. Now this could be a manufactures problem they look well built but I will be returning for a refund I think.

    Not mentioning any dealers as this is not their fault its a manufacturing problem just giving people my experience with this kit. Someone else's experience could be different

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    Hey mate not having a go at you in anyway, however had you done a search on the net you would've found heaps of guys having dramas with the Tac Sol .22 glock conversion, same problems you are having.

    Some guys report that it took upwards of 500 rounds before it started to settle in but it still wasn't super reliable.

    Just go to google and type in 'Tactical Soltuion glock conversion review'


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      I know lol

      I think i might swap it for the 1911 version they have flying reviews


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        It's a shame cause Tac Sol stuff is usually pretty good.

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      Any chance of a few pics of the internals of the slide and frame mate?
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        Hi Sorry to hear of your problems with the Tacsol unit. I have one and mine seems pretty good.
        If I use the recommended ammo (CCI Minimags) I have zero issues.
        Also seems to like Remington bucket of bullets. With CCI Minimags I have put through 300 rounds I one session without a hiccup.
        What ammo did you use?


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          Yup ive tried a few so far WInchester, CCI, Remington..

          These things happen..