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  • Coonan .357 new and used availability

    I already load for a Ruger GP 100 and a Marlin 1894c both in .357 and am thinking it would be great to get a Coonan .357 for practical pistol and Service pistol events. I note Cleavers seems the only source, but does anyone have any leads on other Coonans, including used?

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    They pop up on usedguns every so often.
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      I've only ever seen two come up second hand.m one was from Townsville, and buyer was QLD somewhere., the other was bought and is on the gold coast.

      Cleavers still have some, a purple one. But could reprint it.


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    Marksman HAD one for sale in Adelaide a while ago.
    They have had a few issues of late so not sure if is still for sale or was sold.