Cost of having 38S converted to 9mm + related questions

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  • Cost of having 38S converted to 9mm + related questions

    Hey guys,

    I'm curious what the cost would be roughly to have a 38 super 1911 converted to 9mm.

    I understand the barrel is the only thing that needs to change and the ejector and mags may need some tuning.

    Is the gun likely to have the same kind of accuracy as it does now?

    Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith to do this work in Victoria?

    I'm buying a shadow and figure it would be nice to have the trojan shooting the same ammo.


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    Barrel should be the only thing.
    Even the ejector should work.
    Sell me your 38 Super barrel.....


    • MrCarbine
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      You will need new mags too. How accurate it will be depends on the barrel you choose and the smith that does the work. It's odd that you would want to do that - especially to a fine gun.

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    I'd sell it and buy a new one in 9mm personally, less issues/hassles.

    Changing the barrel should be it, you can use 9mm out of the super mags if your lucky. I've never had an issue doing this.
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


    • dansedgli
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      If its doable, inexpensive and reliable I'd like to have both calibers. Am I asking too much? lol

      I already have the super reloading gear and hard chrome trojans are thin on the ground so I don't want to sell it!