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  • Thoughs on a Tanfoglio


    Looking at getting a Tanfoglio to use for PA Service and WA1500.
    Was thinking about a Gold Match with the 6" slide in 9mm.
    I have shot a couple of Tanfogs and they do fit my smallish hand a better then the 1911s that I have tried.
    Who on here has a Tanfog or used one? What are your thoughts?
    What is the accuracy like for these guns given that they use Polygonal rifling and the matches are shoot out to 50m?
    I will be using coated lead projectiles and only running them at 125PF and below.

    Thanks for any info.

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    I had a play with a 6" tanfog a little while ago I was very tempted to buy one, may still yet

    They are good shooters, I doubt you could go wrong with one.
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      accuracy is as good as you will need for 50m. My Limited HC surprises me regularly with how well it shoots at 50. I'm no expert on the mechanics of self loading pistols but I believe the inherent accuracy comes down to the lockup of barrel to slide (notice the cone sort of shape on the outside of the barrel gives a tight lockup when in barrery) and also the slide to frame fit.


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        I had the stock 2 limited .... Outta pistols now but she was a great shooter.

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      I like mine

      Show off your Tanfoglios - Shooting Australia


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        I had a gold match for 2 years that I used for service and that thing could outshoot me. The best score I got at 50m was 225 / 240, no bullsh1t. Never had any reliability issues. Was feeding it 125g CN over 3.7g AP70. It did have lighter recoil, hammer springs and lightened firing pin.

        BTW the gold match doesn't have the cone barrel like the HC Custom.
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          I have a limited set up for open ipsc so little different. BUT love it she is more reliable than the wife, have had no problems with it (unlike the wife) and I love the bark she has (unlike the wife).